Top 5 Limewire Replacements, Possibly Questionable Content

20 06 2010

If you haven’t heard already, the P2P file-sharing program known as “Limewire” is pretty much no more. Kaput. Finito. Finished. They were sued by several Music Publishing Groups for copyright infringement, illegal distribution of songs, files, etc, and basically forced to pay for their sins. While I was not a user of Limewire, it was still a widely used program for people in any country with a computer. The free music it had for downloading was an immeasurable amount.

Now there is no more “free” Limewire. There is only “Limewire Pro”. So for all those people who were, are, or will possibly be using Limewire in th future, if there is one for it, will have to pay. That, obviously, defeats the person of all but maybe 2% of Limewire users. Sure the musicians may pour out the occasional blood, sweat, tears, sex, drugs, violence, substance abuse, time, money, effort on an album, but hey, if it isn’t going to be offered free by someone, who cares? That’s why Limewire was so great for many people. Because it showed you they didn’t care, and that allowed you to not care right along with them. Sure it may have infected your computer with viruses, porn pop-ups, and sure, maybe one of those gospel songs you downloaded ended up being granny scat porn.

But so what?! Dammit, it was free!So now that Limewire and all of its spawn are no more, a lot of people will be pulling their hair out, and I’m sure of this, of where to go for music. People will riot the streets, parking lots, shopping malls, and local parks all in the name of Limewire. Some of you will tell the Limewire Pro version to go kill its self. Some of you may kill your own selves.

But for everyone who’s left, listen. There are other options. That’s why you’re here now probably. It’s either that, or you thought this was a sex site from an ad with that topless girl’s picture you clicked on. Fear not, because no matter how you came to this post, you will now be rewarded with the best 5 available music downloading services not named Limewire.


5. Bearshare

If you want still want a similar P2P downloading experience, similar to Limewire, with a little dose of Legality to it, then this might be for you. It’s a program you download and install, and you can begin stealing music all over again from people you don’t know. Not sure how often you can pick up a virus from it, but hell, if it gets you free music, you shouldn’t mind taking the chance at all.

4. Click and Read -> My Post Earlier: How To Download Free Videos and Music From Youtube

Click it so my site can have more views. Thanks!

3. Torrents

This is a much more widespread, not concentrated way of P2P file sharing. Just download a torrent downloading client like Vuze, or BitTorrent. The only difference is you share a file with multiple sources usually, and then you get to share back. So, everybody wins. Except for copy-written material. That’s still illegal. But this is the most popular way of organized file sharing there is at the moment, so try it.

Recommended sites include:

2. Google

Google search “Free Music Download”, and just look for one.

1. Buy The Song!

Clearly, this is the most ethical, easy, and legal way to download music. I only pay for music, especially if anyone asks. iTunes, Amazon, and other websites have large libraries  waiting at your disposal to pay for. Plus, your favorite artist reaps a small percentage of the benefits of the buy, so you’ll be doing well by them as well. Plus it’s legal, and usually doesn’t lead to any viruses.




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